Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 signs that he doesn't love you

Good wednesday to everyone.

Many times we have all the evidence in front of us that the man we love doesn't love us back, and either we don't understand it or we just don't want to see it. It's very hard to let go of the person we love but sometimes they give us no choice. We are not going to give all we have to a person who doesn't want it, are we?

Don't feel bad though, so many of us have been under the same situation. Sometimes we are blinded by the good memories and we refuse to accept that things have changed, some other times we are too soft since the beginning and accept anything from men, even if it's under what we deserve. The important part is to open our eyes and stop fueling a fire that he's not willing to keep alive.

1.- He makes any kind of excuse to not talk to you. This must seem very obvious, but when we are in love it can be very confusing. He will always say things like: "I'm too busy with work/school; I don't have time to call you all the time; I had to help a friend with something; I was showering/eating/sleeping and I didn't hear the phone". This is not a problem when it happens once in a while, but when it happens frequently you should watch out. The man who loves you will want to hear from you anytime he can.

2.- He makes you feel guilty for wanting to be with him. This one is very related to sign number one. If he says he's too busy and you dare to complain about it, he will tell you that you are being selfish and that you don't understand him.

3.- He isn't there in times of need. It may seem otherwise sometimes but men are not stupid. They can tell when a woman is upset about something, but when they don't care about it they will try to avoid her. Let's admit something: when a woman is upset it can be a major pain in....well, it can be bad, but when a man loves you he will worry about you, he will try to comfort you and make you feel happy. Sometimes we even tell them in their face that we need their company or their support and they just don't react. Wake up girls, there's no excuse for this.

4.- He won't make any sacrifices. Let's say you two live far away, and when you talk about seeing each other he says he can't because the flight is too expensive, his car doesn't work, he can't spend a lot on gas, he's too busy, but that YOU could go see him. Seriously? A man who loves you will be honest, if he can't visit you it will be because of something he really can't control, but he will find the way to make it happen sooner or later.

5.- He won't say "I love you". Duh! right? Well it's not always that obvious. There are some very hypocrit guys out there who will not only say they love you, they will say you are their entire world but they won't mean it. However, a person who really is in love will never doubt to say it. Some men are shy, some hate talking about feelings, but when a man is head over heels for you, he will eventually say it.

I'm going to cut it here because I don't want the post to be too long, but there will be a second part with the remaining five signs, I promise.

It is so difficult to face the fact that someone doesn't love us, but I believe it is a lot better to know it than to be stuck in uncertainty. No one can live a life with maybe's and whatif's (I will thank Josh Groban for that quote). We cannot control how people feel about us, but we do have the power to keep by our side those who are worth it and repel those who are not.

So hang in there, girls.